My Tree Project


Growing up on Southdown farm has always kept me connected to the land and the sea. My parents love birds and wildlife so they devoted a lot of time and effort to keeping the farm as wild as it could be whilst still making a living.

The current crisis with sudden ash die back has the potential to kill 80 million Ash trees throughout our woodlands. Ash trees play a vital role in our wildlife, from door mice to nesting birds. They are found in our hedgerows, gardens and woodlands, if they are not replaced then there could be a devastating impact on our wildlife.


​By visiting local farms and gaining permission to plant new areas of trees I would like to try and decrease the impact of losing our Ash trees. A new area of native English trees would provide habitats to the wildlife that have recently lost their trees. New trees being planted also have widely recognised health benefits to us and the environment.

From today the 14th of April 2020 I will be planting a tree here in Devon for every new order. That means that when you buy a coat rack from me or a house sign, you will be helping me plant a new tree on a piece of land that hasn’t seen a tree in a long time.

Below is an image from the food and research environment agency showing the signs of sudden ash dieback. If you suspect an Ash tree to show symptoms then please call 01904 465625 or the Forestry Commission on 0131 314 641.

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